Working with Daniel Sticco is a dream come true.  After moving to Washington from New York, I was a bit nervous about finding a vocal coach/pianist that possessed the same level of competency, skill and knowledge as the professionals I had been fortunate enough to work with in the Manhattan community.  Daniel brought these characteristics to our lessons in abundance and more. 

He has a thorough knowledge of Musical Theatre and Traditional Vocal Repertoire. He has a complete understanding of the anatomy and mechanics of the voice and communicates necessary changes to the singer in a way that is accessible and beneficial.  He is a precise and creative musician whose skills allow the singer to explore a song to truly fit their skills and creativity.  As a working Fine Arts professional, Daniel has consistently accommodated my scheduling needs with flexibility and enthusiasm.  I would highly recommend Daniel Sticco to singers of all levels.  He is a master teacher and a true artist.
~Tara Taylor, Performer & Teacher

 I had the pleasure of working with Daniel Sticco at the Kennedy Center, the Berkshire Theater Company and Metro Stage during staged readings of his highly acclaimed musical, “90 North”.  Not only is Daniel Sticco a prolific Broadway composer, respected by a bevy of Broadway performers, including myself, he is also a musical director and vocal coach of the highest standard.  Warm and personable, charismatic and generous, Daniel brings to his work a sense of professionalism and artistry that is unparalleled.

His compositions and arrangements are stirring and rapturous, and always a joy to experience.  I have the highest regard for Daniel and his artistic vision to challenge and arouse the senses.  He is a master of his craft and a true artistic visionary”.
~Michelle Rios, Broadway Performer & Teacher

When I began working with Daniel I had just started as a professional in the DC theatre scene.  I was fresh out of college and had a degree in vocal performance.  I knew I struggled with some aspects of my technique, but considered myself at a pretty high skill level at the time. After just one session with Dan I realized I had so much more to learn and was completely blown away by the immediate improvement. Within a few months he was able to completely change the way I thought about singing.

Now after several years of working with Dan, I have risen to a level I never knew I could. My range has grown tremendously. My pitch and breath technique issues are a thing of the past. I have not experienced vocal fatigue in years and that is so important when you perform in rock musicals.  I now sing with one voice and never struggle with a break.  I have become a successful, busy actor and singer, and I have Dan to thank for my success. Dan’s technique has changed my life. If after all this you still aren’t getting it….I can mix-belt to a high A (above the staff)…how cool is that!. You’re an incredible teacher Dan.
~Karissa Swanigan, Professional Actress & Singer

I love working with Dan!  I’m so grateful that he’s helped me find my voice and given me a solid foundation for vocal technique.  Dan really knows how the voice works and I am now singing easier, with less effort than I ever have.  With Dan’s nurturing, I’ve improved my confidence in singing. He’s introduced me to  new songs and material, and definitely increased my range.  He’s given me helpful exercises to improve my vocal technique and breathing.

Dan explains the his technique in a way that is comprehensible and easy to process — and then encourages me to find analogies and imagery that make it my own. On top of all that, he’s an amazing accompanist and arranger and really knows his stuff!  After working almost a year with Dan, I can truly say that I now consider myself a singer and am very happy that I have the skill and the confidence to perform.
~Matt Howe, Cabaret Artist and Director

As a child, they called me “Merman” and I knew it wasn’t a compliment. So I retired from singing at the age of 13. It took a while to get me back in the game (almost four decades, but who’s counting?). Transformed by the insightful and rigorous coaching of Daniel Sticco, I resurfaced as a songstress. They now call me “Diva.”

Daniel and I have performed several Cabarets together at the Four Seasons Hotel and, more recently, as the featured guest artist in the elegant home of a Washington Ambassador. It doesn’t get any better, especially after a show when audience members say “You should have followed a career on Broadway.”  Thank you Daniel!
~Merribel S. Ayres, Cabaret Artist


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