Welcome to Sticco Studios

Sticco Studios is a unique venue for the cultivation of cabaret and musical theatre performers.

Formal training in vocal production, repertoire development, arrangements and acting technique is tailored to enhance the skills of seasoned professionals as well as aspiring artists.  At the studio, singers hone their craft in a dynamic and focused atmosphere, geared toward maximizing each individual’s full potential.

It is my belief that such phrases as “Sing from your diaphragm, and Bring your sound forward,” are just some of the dangerous clichés that we have all heard too many times.  But what do they actually mean?

My technique is straight-forward and easily understood.  It is my mission to demystify the complexities of the human voice and arm the singer with the necessary tools needed to achieve an effortless and “break-less” vocal production—which most singers never thought possible.

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